Oldchester Town Hall stop

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Town hall stop Oldchester Town Hall stop
Part of the Main Game.
Operator Oldchester
Lines served by

The Oldchester Town Hall stop is a transit stop in the Second Loop village of Oldchester. Service is provided from here to Malliton (via the SecLooper Oldchester Connector and Malliton - Oldchester lines) and Walcross (via the SecLooper Oldchester - Walcross line), as well as by SecLooper South to points to the north.


As of August 1428, the following backlog existed at the Oldchester Town Hall stop:

Destination stop Destination area Passengers Mail
via SecLooper Transit Center Points north 1,565 127
via Walcross Town Hall stop Far Southeast, Renham 681 113
Walcross Town Hall stop Walcross 66 40
via Oldchester branch stop Malliton 0 5


Preceding station   SecLooper   Following station
TerminusOldchester Connector
TerminusOldchester - Walcross
SecLooper SouthTerminus