Main Game

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Main Game
Basic data
Map number Unknown
Start year 1400
Current date October 1428
Pakset pak64
Number of tourist attractions 46
Number of factories 115
Population 158,263
Number of cities 64
Largest city Springwick (pop. 27,090)
Goods Map
Transit Map

The Main Game of Simutrans is a pak64 game. It is the oldest game featured on this wiki.

Basic details

Because of its age, the number of the map it is played on has been lost to history. It uses the timeline, which began in 1400. It has 46 tourist attractions, and 115 factories, all being either Timber Plantations, Sawyer's Workshops, and Construction Wholesalers.


The largest city in the Main Game is Springwick, with a population of 27,090. The cities are grouped into several regions, of which the largest by far is the Northeast Megalopolis. Including Springwick, all of its cities are in the top 10 in the game in terms of population.


The only true player in this game is the default human player. It was worth about 241 million Hajo Credits as of August 1427, and is responsible for the management of resources for the transit providers and goods transporters in the game's internal universe.