METrans Southeast Hillton stop

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Transit center METrans Southeast Hillton stop
Part of the Main Game.
Operator METrans
Lines served by METrans Bypass, HillBus 1, HillBus Springborough Shuttle

The METrans Southeast Hillton stop is a major transfer point near the southern edge of the East-Central Region of the Main Game. Located southeast of Hillton, the stop is the southern terminus of the METrans Bypass, the eastern terminus of HillBus 1, and the northern end of the HillBus Springborough Shuttle.


As of August 1428, the following backlog existed at the METrans Southeast Hillton stop:

Destination stop Destination area Passengers Mail
via Springborough branch stop Southeast Region and south 9,868 2,536
via METrans Northeast Heppbury stop Heppbury, Oldton, and north 3,400 1,473
Others Hillton 0 6


Preceding station   METrans   Following station
METrans BypassTerminus
HillBus 1Terminus
TerminusSpringborough Shuttle