My math projects


Since 2008, I've been finding Riesel primes using my personal hardware. I added aliquot sequences to that in 2014. Off and on in that span, I've contributed to GIMPS, most recently doing ECM and PRP tests on small composite Mersenne numbers, along with trial factoring.

Riesel Primes

My earliest project was the Riesel Prime Search (RPS). I briefly worked on the k values 19 and 37. Most of my work has involved filling in gaps in the Riesel and Proth Prime Database, particularly for k values between 10,000 and 15,000 and the RPS 9th and 10th Drives.

Aliquot sequences

Following from my interest in factorization, I started working with aliquot sequences in December 2014. I generally work with cofactors under 120 digits, given my hardware limitations. I have terminated 1 sequence, 2047472, on one happy October 2018 night.


For more detail, see my hardware page.


Until it died, the 2006 HP desktop contributed to a slew of distributed computing projects. Unfortunately, the overuse probably led to its early demise.

Most of my work has been done on the 2009 HP desktop. Over time, it has contributed to GIMPS, Riesel prime searching, aliquot sequence crunching, several BOINC projects (first few years), and other projects. Right now, due to its comparatively old CPU, it primarily works on Riesel prime sieving, GIMPS, and aliquot sequences. It also serves as a PRPnet server for my home network.


My other primary computer, the 2014 HP laptop can process LLR much faster than my desktop, despite its slower clock speed, due to its AVX2/FMA3 capability. It exclusively runs LLR tests on Riesel prime candidates (through PRPnet) when not in use.

I briefly also ran LLR on my brother's old HP laptop, but it proved to be too unreliable and hard to access from my server under my old set-up. It's actually faster at running LLR than my own laptop, so I will take it over and run PRPNet on it once I can clean it up.